Media partners

Thanks to the following media partners:


VeggieVision TV was founded by Karin Ridgers, to address the lack of vegan support on TV and positive coverage in the media. VeggieVision TV is an internet TV station that brings together professional and aspiring vegan chefs throughout the world showing short film clips about vegan stuff.

VeggieVisision TV has big plans, a new look with lots of new video clips too. There are regular competition with vegan prizes, a dating portal with state of the art dating technology and even a cashback site where you can save and earn money!

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Vegan First

 Vegan First is one of India’s first Vegan websites, and an all-vegan media and publishing house by and for vegans to extend support to the Indian vegan community.

Vegan First publishes informative articles, recipes, trending news, host events, and also has an extensive list covering all the vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants all over India in The Big Restaurant Guide.