Adam Drage

Adam Drage

Recognising that our current socioeconomic system is growing more and more outdated by the day, Adam has been advocating a Natural Law Resource-Based Economy (NLRBE) – or Resource-Based Economy (RBE), for short – for over two years now, delivering a few presentations on the topic, as well as engaging in various outreach actions. Having attended VegfestUK Brighton last year, Adam has a platform this time around to present the concept of a NLRBE to the vegan community. He is currently studying Psychology and Education Studies at university.


Global Sustainability: The Animal Agricultural Industry And The Economy

Adam will look at how the driving values of our current socioeconomic model are shaping the animal agriculture industry and it’s impact on life on Earth. Crucially, he will outline and propose a solution to this madness in the form of a Resource-Based Economy.

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