Ian Haywood

Ian Haywood

Musician & FxEctive Factor Contestant

“I am a vegan composer/pianist/singer-songwriter and am delighted to be invited back to play at VegfestUK Brighton 2018. Last year I released two charity songs, Cargo of Shame benefitting animal charities, and my Christmas song City Story helping the homeless. I also signed to Oakfield Records last year and released my first album of ambient piano music entitled Inspired by Nature, which is available on iTunes and all major digital media and streaming services. I continue to write and record and look forward to performing some of my music at Brighton 2018!”



Ian will be competing at The FxEctive Factor as well as playing another set at the Performance Stage of the event. Here’s Ian’s song entry for The FxEctive Factor – enjoy!

Song entry – Beautiful Wild


How long have you been vegan?

I turned vegan in 2000 after many years of vegetarianism, so 17 years.

What’s the most important reason for you to be vegan?

I love animals and I wouldn’t want to cause them any harm.

What are some of your main musical influences?

I have been influenced by many musicians over the years.  Elton John inspired me to play the piano and sing from an early age. Musical influences include classical, rock, pop, soul and jazz funk. It’s all gone into the mix to influence the music and songs I write.

Who is your favourite current vegan personality/celebrity/activist, and why?

I know he has taken a while to make the ultimate step but I admire Morrissey for his approach, initially with The Smiths’ ‘Meat Is Murder’ in 1985, and for his insistence in only playing at venues with only vegan food on offer and showing graphic videos of animal suffering at his concerts, which is risky as a lot of gig-goers do not seem to like it as we found out at a recent concert!

If you could pick one musician to go vegan, who would it be? Don’t forget to include why!

I think if someone like Ed Sheeran went vegan he would influence a lot of young listeners. Even better if he could start writing songs around veganism! Unlike most pop sensations, I think Ed will be around a while so his message would go on.

Explain in approximately 100 words why you have written/chosen this song, and what it means to you.

After my last entry 2 years ago, ‘Cargo of Shame’, which primarily deals with the issue of farmed animals for the meat and dairy industry, I updated the sound and wanted to give the message a broader appeal whilst still retaining this theme within. Beautiful Wild is an uplifting, mildly cryptic celebration of the beauty of what is all around us and the need to preserve this for future generations. It also highlights the continued struggle to free all animals from the scourge of exploitation and abuse.

What’s your message to people thinking about going vegan?

The fact that you are thinking about going vegan means that something about eating animal products obviously bothers you and there’s a high chance that you have a nagging disgust for the way animals are exploited and abused in the name of the meat and dairy industry. So do it now, get advice from the Vegan Society if you need it, buy vegan cookbooks and most of all go to Vegfest events! Believe me, there has never been a better time. The choices are out there. We have already paved the way for you!

Nominated charity – Animal Aid

If I was to win the competition I would like to donate to Animal Aid as they helped me immensely with the content of my last animal rights video ‘Cargo of Shame’.

2:45 - 3:00pm

The FxEctive Factor vegan talent contest

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