Nishma Shah

Nishma Shah

Founder of Shambhu's

I am a Kenyan-born Indian, from the Jain community. In 2005, I launched Shambhu’s, an award-winning vegan food business based in London.

Through Shambhu’s, I aim to show you how delicious, varied and nutritious vegan food can be, and teach you how simple it is to prepare 🙂

I’m delighted and excited to be involved in this year’s incredible VegfestUK events.

I invite you to:
– explore the various cookery classes I’m running (adults and children), and
– try out my food by ordering through my vegan catering service.

Do sign up to Shambhu’s e-bulletins, and join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so that you’re informed of new classes, events and other news from Shambhu’s.

Shambhu’s cookery classes:
Shambhu’s catering service:


Spice It Up!

Join Nishma of Shambhu’s as she shares her tips and knowledge about spices. Nishma will show you how various spices achieve that exotic vibrancy of flavours, aromas and colours, and indicate their many healing qualities.  Nishma will be demonstrating a protein-rich, spice-enhanced, main dish in this session.

** Shambhu’s stainless steel spice palettes: Nishma will have a limited number of stainless steel spice palettes available, including a supply of key spices to get you going on your curries at home.  Be sure you don’t miss your opportunity to purchase this essential spice kit that every kitchen should have! **

Cookery Demos full timetable