Sean Morley

Sean Morley

Vegan Comedian

Hi (!) & Wow! It’s me! Top lad Sean Morley. Here I am with some of the biggest best jokes, really ready to smash the gig, raise the roof, raze the venue and salt the Earth. Fully intending to apply myself utterly and apply pressure on the show from above and within. Today is my day and this year is my year. My resolution is to become exponentially stronger both physically and mentally and amass more boundless energy than I can comfortably contain. I am Sean Morley and none may travel in my wake.

As heard on BBC Radio 2, 4 & 4 Extra.

“Giddily hilarious. And he told not one joke” Vibrations Magazine

“Setting the bar for alternative comedy” Our Favourite Places

“Brilliant” Broadway Baby

“File under unfileable”The Skinny